Fashion latte with vanilla

by Pia and Nika

torek, 13. januar 2015

Black hat

We took the photos on Sunday morning. Weather proportion was bad, but we were optimistic and went out anyways. Right when we finished, the rain started pouring, so we went straight to the cafe for breakfast.
I wore this black hat, which I was looking forward to wear since I bought it. Black hats always seemed so fascinating to me, like there is something behind in them. And for sure in makes the look complete.

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sreda, 07. januar 2015

The girl in the mint scarf

The second I saw this scarf in an H&M store I remembered the book Obsessions of a shopaholic. One of my favorite book series, the adventures of the main character Becky are so funny, that I laughed myself to tears a couple of times, while reading the books. Anyways in the books Becky sees a beautiful green scarf in a store, falls completely in love with it and imagines herself, how people would call her The girl in a green scarf. So that was the thought that crossed my mind while I was buying this beautiful fuzzy mint scarf.
xoxo Pia
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sreda, 31. december 2014

Aviva dress

New year is less than a day away and many of us are already preparing on what to cook and more importantly what to wear. We discovered a website called AVIVA DRESS, which has some of the most beautiful dresses for special occasions like New Years Eve. We browsed through the online shop and picked one of our favorite dresses, that would look gorgeous on this magical night. 

I think this one is my favorite of all. I love the detailed part of the dress and it looks so wavy at the bottom. Paired with black pumps would look absolutely perfect. You can buy it HERE.
If you are going to the club dancing for NYE this is the dress you should wear. It is sexy and glamorous and would definitely draw attention from anyone in the room. Buy it HERE.

These dresses are more romantic than others with a bow and lace details and I can imagine myself in the left one on a warm summer evening on a date by the candle light. You can buy it HERE.

So that is it for this year. I hope you all have the most beautiful New Years Eve and I wish you all a fashionable and fabulous year of 2015! See you next year :)

 xoxo Pia

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torek, 23. december 2014

Foggy grey

On Sunday, around 8am, Pia, Katja and me went to Ljubljana castle and to its walls, from where it's a beautiful view above the city. It was beautiful watching the fog go away and listening to the sounds of the city waking up. After that we had a nice breakfast at some cozy cafe.
Right now I am getting ready for some pre-Christmass party, as I mentioned in some previous posts. I still don't know what I am going to wear and I must hurry up.
I wish you all happy holidays!

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torek, 16. december 2014

The Netherlands

As you may already know my dad lives in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Which is kind of awesome, because me and my sister go there at least a few times a year and we always have a lot of fun. Amsterdam is a must, we go there almost every time we are in Rotterdam. It's only an hour away by car. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities, it is beautiful with it's little canals and bridges. And of course not to mention there are some of my favorite shops in Amsterdam, like Brandy Melville and A&F. I hope you like this post!
xoxo Pia
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torek, 09. december 2014


I think this post has been long overdue. We created our instagram account for this blog a while ago, but somehow the ''insta post'' just didn't get it's turn among all the other photos we had to show you. Anyways here it is and I hope you like it. You can follow our account if you like these pics :) @fashionlattewithvanilla
Nika chilling with the cat/beautiful architecture/me in Amsterdam

My favorite pic of the year/casual and chic/missing summer

Flower market/colorful doughnuts /delicious chocolate thingy

Flea market/perfect Brandy Melville dress/I love sushi

Photo-shoot in the pool/perfect sandy beach/trip to Budapest
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četrtek, 04. december 2014

Looking forward

This year past so fast! December is here and the end of the year is closer every day. I cannot imagine where I will be next year at this time. But what I can imagine is where I will be for the New Years Eve and what I would love to wear. This year I and a group of friends decided to rent a cottage in the mountains, so I will probably not be able to wear a gala dress which I would love to. But if I went to a glamorous party, which I would love to attend once in my life, I think I would pick a dress from Weddingshe or from Asos website. On they have amazing dresses for many occasions and I made some picks, mostly from - Designer Evening Dresses and - Cocktail Dresses for Women. I love glitters as you see. And for a perfect match to each, I would add some high heels, long coat and a cute clutch. I hope you like my picks!
For more details click on the picture!

And I must say, right when I saw the first dress, I fell in love with it and I would love to wear a dress like this for my senior prom.

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petek, 28. november 2014


 These days it is getting so cold, it is rainy and days are shorter ever day. I come home from school just a little before it gets dark, all exhausted and I always have some homework and studying to do. Because of all that we decided to have a little photo shooting inside the house. I went for a casual look with jeans. I just love this shirt even if it is nothing so special. It is amazing how just some tiny necklaces together makes whole look fuller.
From next week on, it will all get brighter, because the Christmas lights in our city are turning on. The mayor of our city will light them on December 3rd, exactly at 5pm. That is when the Christmas spirit comes to our city. It will be beautiful!

                                                                                                                              Photos by Katja Černe
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