nedelja, 02. februar 2014

In my make up bag

I had to refresh my make up bag a little bit so I went and I bought this cute light pink lipstick. It looks perfect on the lips and it smells even better, like a vanilla sugar actually. 

I keep my beauty products in this bag but I am afraid it's getting to small and I need another one.

This whipped foundation from Max Factor I bought recently is just perfect. It doesn't dry out my skin at all like all the other foundations so I recommend it to anyone. Of course every girl needs a good corrector and this one fits my skin tone perfectly.

I am currently obsessed with the Game of Thrones series. At first I read all the books that are amazing, even though each has more than 800 pages. And while I'm waiting for the sixth book I began to watch the series. They are very good and the story almost completely matches the one in the books. 

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  1. Great makeups!
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    1. Of course, I just followed you :) Your blog is amazing and Dodi is adorable!

  2. Love your blog! You have really pretty pictures! :)
    If you want we could follow each other and stay in touch? :)

    1. Sure!I would like that very much :). You have really pretty blog!
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  3. Love that first lipstick!
    This is a really great post :)


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