torek, 04. februar 2014

Shopping therapy

Today my day began terribly. I slept only about 5 hours, because I studied like crazy all night for a psychology test I had today. And it turned out I have missed a chapter in my study book, and with my luck half of the test was about that chapter. After school I had driving lessons and I wasn't driving very well because I was tired and cranky and sad. But the day ended pretty well, because I went on a therapeutic shopping trip and bought 2 pairs of shoes in ZARA. And they were on sale so I paid only 30e for bought of them.

Aren't this flats just so lovely and perfect. And they cost me only 7euro. Can you imagine a better purchase :)
I adore the leopard print and I can't wait this winter is over and I can wear them with skinny jeans!!
This gorgeous sandals are also from ZARA ands they cost me about 22 euro and they are absolutely perfect. They look so beautiful when I wear them and my feet look so elegant.
They look even more beautiful in live than they do on this picture. I just love them and I hate it that I have to wait so long until I will be able to wear them outside with a beautiful summer dress or ripped jeans ;)

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  1. love the black strappy shoes

    LOVE your blog by the way! would love you to give me some advice on my blog, as im trying to make it as good as possible

    1. Thank you so much :) I already like your blog as it is! I would advise you that you post consistent and at least a few times a week, that you make a lot of comments on other people's blogs and add your link...that works for me :)

  2. WOOOOOOW in love with your Zara sandals!



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  3. Cute shoes! I love the black ones =)


  4. Love both if them but I prefer the black sandals!