četrtek, 16. januar 2014

Sweater weather

Well there are some perks of having a snowless winter. You can wear a short skirt and tights without getting sick. And you can wear high boots with a skirt instead of jeans which is a nice change. Although I think there are more cons than pros with a winter that is grey, dull and foggy. I want snow and I want it now. Maybe I should move to Norway ;)
So today I wore a Zara skirt (love it!) which I got as a gift from my mom for Christmas, a black sweater that I adore especially because of the holes in sleeves. I bought it in H&M in fall 2013. This tights are from Calzedonia and the boots are from Peko.

Harry Potter is my all time favorite book. I've read all parts at least 15 times and I still like to read these books. I started reading them when I was about 8 and I think Harry is THE book of my childhood :)

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