sreda, 25. februar 2015

Red flannel & art

I am back in Slovenia, my holidays in Rotterdam were great as usual, very relaxing and full of shopping. I bought this perfect plaid shirt in Zara and I love it, it's so cute and the colors are beautiful. The jeans are from an adorable little boutique shop called Imagine by Kim. These photos were taken by my sister Sara, when I found these paintings in the house I knew they would be a perfect background for a small photo-shoot. I hope you like this post and you can let me know if you would like to see more indoor posts in the future. Have a nice day :)
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nedelja, 8. februar 2015

So much snow!

It was snowing all week long, and it is perfect to see snowing from inside out with a cup of hot tea in hands. But we had school all week so it was pretty tiring with all the traffic jams on the way to school and on the way home. I was late to school almost every morning.
When it finally stopped snowing Pia and I went to the woods near my house. Katja was unfortunately ill, so all of the photographing and editing was up to us. Anyhow I think that photos are just magical, with snowy forest in the background. I wore the coziest fluffy sweater and I think it fits with the background just perfect. And I could finally wear my new Uggs with Swarowski crystal. They are so cozy and so warm I just love them.

 Have a great week!
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ponedeljek, 2. februar 2015

Edgy winter

 I have to apologize to you, because we've been absent for so long. We will try to post as often as possible and I really hope you guys will stick with us through this crazy time of the year. It's that time  where all exams are crammed into a few months and I've been losing my mind, trying to coordinate work, school, blog and my social life. 
I've also joined a gym in January and I'm loving it. I wake up every morning and start my day with various exercises. My favorite exercise machine is treadmill, because I love to run and treadmill makes it possible to run through all the winter. Lately I've been also jumping rope quite a lot, it's fun and very effective workout. 
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