sobota, 26. april 2014

Crop top & animal prints

I love the photos of today's post, they are my favorite so far since I started this blog. I was very happy with how I look on the photos for a change :). And I love this outfit so much, I wanna wear it all the time, but the weather kind of sucks these days, it is cloudy and rainy...typical April weather.
So I finally decided that I should buy myself the famous boyfriend jeans, but I am not so sure whether the jeans I'm wearing count as boyfriend jeans or mum jeans, that has also became very popular lately. What do you think?
I must say is quite refreshing to wear jeans that are not so tight! The bf jeans are sooo comfortable!! I like to wear them with flats and a tight crop top, and I am waiting for summer to see how they look with black sandals/heels. 
I love that top Nika is wearing in this photo, what about you?
While I was wearing light and pastel colors, Nika chose a darker layered look, perfect for colder spring weather. I think that leather pants are awesome and the leopard sneakers are adorable!

Love those cute pink lace flats from H&M. They are so light and comfy.
Love the denim shirt and leather pants combination!

I was wearing: Topshop jeans and top, H&M blazer and flats
Nika was wearing: Only leather pants, H&M T-shirt and shoes, Stradivarius denim shirt, Ebay coat

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xoxo Pia

sobota, 19. april 2014

Spring shopping wishlist

Here is coming the toughest time of the schoolyear agan, exams are already here.
This week we both had so much at school, so we decided to please ourselves a little and make an inspiring spring shopping wishlist from Choies online shop.

This combination of blue and white contains Blue Blazer With Contrast Mesh Sleeves, Blue Abstract Print Blouse With Peplum, White Pants With Zippers, Hologram Pointed Heels, Rhinestone Embellished Bangle and Pearl Clutch Bag.

This one is more like classy swaggie.  White Sequin Sleeves Loose T-shirt, Black Organza Midi Skirt, Golden Point Flats With Rivets and Black Ball Box Clutch Bag.

Georgeus look for warm days.  Vintage Castle Pattern Shift Dress, Leather Ankle Strap Sandals, Black Heat, Sunglasses With Metal Spring Frames, Black Lock Bag With Chain Strap and Chain Bracelet with Heart.

Comfortable and chic with animal print. Letters Print T-shirt With Zip Back, Leopard Loose Pants,

Black Sandals, Black Quilted Backpack and Bracelet.

A leisurely chic look. Captain Bright Knitted Jumper, Gray Jersey Sport Pants, Face Pattern Flat Shoes and Black Letter Leopard Cap.

I hope You liked these combinations and that you got some ideas. All of these and much more you can find on

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XX Nika

sobota, 12. april 2014

Little black dress

Nika and I were so excited when we were contacted by a store called Sensation of Night that offered us our first collaboration. We immediately checked their store and it is amazing!! The products are so affordable that we almost couldn't believe and they have some gorgeous stuff! You can find these two gorgeous dresses we are wearing HERE and I would highly recommend you to check their SWIMWEAR collection, because they have so much swimsuits I guarantee you will find at least one you just love :).
I must say that the first collaboration you have makes you so happy. Nika and I were so thrilled when the dresses finally arrived and we could try them on. I know I was so happy, when I tried mine on, because it fits me like a glove :). I even wore it o my prom, and I got a ton of compliments. I think that the peplum dress is very flattering to the body, don't you think so? And I must say I love the fabric of the dress, it is very smooth and looks elegant.
The dress Nika is wearing is so cool, because it can be worn for more elegant events, but if you pair it with a couple of Converse it looks amazing on a daily basis. And the sleeves are beautiful, all shiny and golden. 

I was wearing: a dress from Sensation of Night and heels from Transporter.
                       Nika was wearing: a dress from Sensation of Night and Renato Balestra heels.
                       You can buy the peplum dress HERE and the metallic sleeves dress HERE.

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I hope you like these outfits and I'm looking forward of reading what you think about this post :)
xoxo Pia

nedelja, 6. april 2014


I had birthday a few weeks ago, and my mum got me this beautiful pink wallet. I adore it, I just want to pay something all the time just to have an excuse to pull it out of my bag :). She also got me these beautiful flowers, that are not so beautiful anymore, cause I forgot to water them :/.
These beautiful bouquet of flowers was given to me by my grandmother. Don't you think it's the most beautiful bouquet you have ever seen! Only the quality of the photo could be better.
I've been wanting to get myself a small tattoo for a while now. And I was so excited when my boyfriend said he would buy me a tattoo for my birthday. So I wanted something simple and cute, and I got myself a small heart on wrist. I adore it, and it was totally worth the pain I felt during the tattoo process.
A few of my outfits I wore to school during the week :). I love my new white lace peplum top from H&M!
Taking selfies during shopping :). What do you think about the grey crop top?
Went to Mexican food place with my boyfriend on Friday. The food was delicious, Mexican is probably my favorite food. We also had very good non alcoholic cocktails. Mine was called Toblerone and it was super sweet and very tasty :).
I think the spring is the most beautiful season of the year! I saw a small meadow full of daisies in front of my apartment building today and had to take a photo.
We celebrated my mother's birthday today and went to the beautiful restaurant. I had an asparagus salad for starter and yes it did taste as delicious as it looks on this photo. For the main dish I had an octopus salad (I really love salads) but unfortunately I ate it before I remembered to take a photo.
I had a very good coffee latte after lunch, and if you read the title of this blog you can assume I am a big fan of lattes. My favorite kinds are vanilla and caramel latte.
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xoxo Pia