ponedeljek, 31. marec 2014

Leather is a must

On Sunday morning, Nika and I went to the nearby park to shoot some photos for this post. The weather looked so nice and warm, but because it was still very early in the day the temperature was quite low and we were freezing during the photo-shoot. Especially I was very cold, because as you can see the sandals I'm wearing aren't exactly the warmest shoes :). Since I bought those sandals in winter, I was looking forward of wearing them outside my house, so the cold of course didn't stop me on Sunday. Oh, the things we do for fashion. 

This photo of Nika is my favorite from the photo-shoot! What do you think :)?

I was wearing: ZARA sandals, Topshop leather leggings, H&M peplum top and Bershka jacket
Nika was wearing: ZARA shirt, Bershka jeans and Only jacket

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xoxo Pia

sreda, 26. marec 2014

For rainy days

This week was so rainy, there was no good opportunity for taking photos outside. So we decided to make some outfit options for better weather. All the clothes are from Choies e-store. We absolutley love them.

Red jumpsuit, Golden necklace and this lovley Golden heels can bo so as for day look as for evening look.

Yellow midi skater skirt goes soo good with white elements; White lace top, White sandals, Clock pattern bag and transpatent bracelet with jewels. It is perfect for hot days.

Thos outfit style is more free, but still looks chic on everyone. I feel in love with this Oil painting T-Shirt, wich looks so good with Black coat, Leather skinny pants, Metal cut out boots and Sunglasses  on top.

This Dress is stunning! It looks the best with minimalistic accessories like Hand made soft bag,

I hope you hot some inspiration from our outfit selection from Choies e-store.
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četrtek, 20. marec 2014

Heels vs boyfriend jeans

It was another sunny day and a perfect day for making beautiful pictures. Nika and I knew we had to have a photoshoot that day. And we did, and I think the photos turned out great. It was pretty windy that day so my hair are a bit windswept on some photos. 

I was so happy I could dress a bit more elegant and wear my Dorothy Perkins nude pumps. Nika was going for more casual look in her boyfriend jeans, a hat and flats.


I was wearing: H&M skinny jeans and white shirt, ZARA blazer, Dorothy Perkins heels, Chanel glasses
   Nika was wearing: ZARA jeans and sweater, ebay coat, H&M hat, Stradivarius flats, Ray Ban glasses   

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ponedeljek, 17. marec 2014

Pia's week

We've had such an amazing weather in Ljubljana for about a week now. I must say I am in a much better mood than I was during the cold and full winter. The sun makes everything seem more beautiful.
1. Mmmm doesn't that look delicious. Me and my boyfriend went to our favorite candy store :).
2. Pastel colors are back and so is the spring! One of my favorite combinations is a pair of baby blue jeans with my peach colored Converse.

Yeah, I know I wear this sweater a lot, but it's my favorite sweater and you know how it is when you cannot not wear your favorite piece of clothing more often than you should :). I'm so glad flats/ballerinas are back, instead of boots, they just look so good with jeans!
This is a very unique animal that lives in the river Ljubljanica. It looks like a combination of a rat and a beaver. We call it ''nutrija''.
My beautiful boyfriend and I had some time during a free period so we went to a park near school and I made him pose for me :).  Isn't he handsome? <3
Friday wasn't the best day for me and I went therapy-shopping. I bought this lovely lace peplum top in H&M and I love it, can't wait to wear it tomorrow :).
I also bought myself a gray basic T-shirt and I absolutely love it! It is so comfy, but if you pair it with skinny jeans and flats, it looks super cute.
I also went shopping for prom suit for my boyfriend. He tried on several suits but I think he looks perfect in this one. What do you think?

First strawberries of the season....they taste amazing with whipped cream. 
I hope you guys like this post. Don't worry Nika and I will make another outfit post in a few days, so don't forget to come back and check it out :).
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torek, 11. marec 2014

Graffiti take over the streets

Saturday was finally full of sunshine and spring-like weather so Nika and I went out to take some photos. We went to a party place called Meta that looks really cool during the day, because there are graffiti everywhere and crazy sculptures. We were both so happy with how the photos turned out, what do you think? 

I was so happy I could wear my lovely leopard flats outside for the first time. They were a little bit to small for me at first (I bought the last pair, a size to small but couldn't resist) but luckily they softened up and were completely comfortable after a few hours. I hope the days in Ljubljana will be getting warmer and warmer, my winter clothes are so boring to me now, since I had to wear them for 3 months now.

I was wearing: ZARA flats/shoes, H&M skinny jeans, ZARA top, Bershka leather jacket and H&M hat.
Nika was wearing: New Yorker leggings, Converse shoes, OVS top and a coat from ebay. 

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četrtek, 6. marec 2014

The city beach

Although it doesn't seem like in this pictures the spring is finally coming to Ljubljana. Hopefully those are the last winter/fall outfits you will see until September. The photos were taken near the river that runs through our city and this particular spot is called ''The beach''. Young people hang out here at night when the temperature rises above 20'C. I'm sorry those photos are not as good as those in previous post, but Nika and I  had exactly 13 minutes to take them, because I had driving lessons afterwards and that was the only free time I had that day.

I was wearing: Ugg boots, Hollister jeggings, a white tank top from H&M, Chanel glasses, a blue cardigan from my sister's closet and a lovely jacket from H&M.

Nika was wearing: ZARA boyfriend jeans and ZARA sweater, an ESPRIT coat, H&M necklaces and Vogue glasses.   

Thank you guys so much for all those comments, I promise I will check everyone's blogs tonight :). I hope you guys like this post, feel free to comment and remember we would check your blog if you add a link to your comment. Have a lovely evening.