nedelja, 15. marec 2015

Pure perfection

The days are getting warmer and sunnier and soon, the season of spring weddings and similar occasions is coming. Personally I love cute dresses and I found a few that would be perfect for upcoming months. The first dress is my favorite and you can find it HERE

 I love the deep blue color of an ocean of this dress! It would be perfect for a prom or an elegant dinner. Check it out HERE.
 This is such a beautiful and romantic wedding dress. Perfect for a simple yet elegant event. What do you think? You can check it out HERE
Open back is such a perfect detail for a dress. It looks sexy but at the same time not tacky, the open back just elevates the whole look on a new level. Check it out HERE.

I'm sorry we've been so busy lately, we will post a new post in a couple of days so please stick with us some more. I hope you all had a lovely Weekend. 
xoxo Pia
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sobota, 7. marec 2015

Introducing JDDresses and their 2015 prom dresses

Spring will be here any minute now and so will be the spring proms. If you might haven’t picked out your dress out yet, I recommend you to check out web store. They have beautiful evening dresses and prom dresses in very affordable prices. I especially love the second dress in thi perfect blue with the pearl details, it is simply beautiful.
Hope you like my picks, for more go to .

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