torek, 13. januar 2015

Black hat

We took the photos on Sunday morning. Weather proportion was bad, but we were optimistic and went out anyways. Right when we finished, the rain started pouring, so we went straight to the cafe for breakfast.
I wore this black hat, which I was looking forward to wear since I bought it. Black hats always seemed so fascinating to me, like there is something behind in them. And for sure in makes the look complete.

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sreda, 7. januar 2015

The girl in the mint scarf

The second I saw this scarf in an H&M store I remembered the book Obsessions of a shopaholic. One of my favorite book series, the adventures of the main character Becky are so funny, that I laughed myself to tears a couple of times, while reading the books. Anyways in the books Becky sees a beautiful green scarf in a store, falls completely in love with it and imagines herself, how people would call her The girl in a green scarf. So that was the thought that crossed my mind while I was buying this beautiful fuzzy mint scarf.
xoxo Pia
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