petek, 31. januar 2014

Finally Friday!

 So yeah my boyfriend bought me yet another watch. It is pink and it matches my beanie so I was very happy when I got it. I love the outfit that I wore today, especially the sweater. I have wanted a grey sweater for quite some time, I don't know why it just looks so pretty.

četrtek, 30. januar 2014

Winter fairytale

 Today was the most beautiful winter day here so far. It was snowing the entire morning and after school the whole Ljubljana seemed like a fairytale. This pictures unfortunately doesn't do justice to the real beauty so you have to use your imagination and make it 100 times better in your mind :).

Other than that, I was really happy with my outfit today. I just think it looks really cute if you wear tight tank tops with a warm cardigan and skinny jeans. 

sreda, 29. januar 2014

Leggings in winter

I bought this amazing leggings on etsy and they are great. They are so soft and look so beautiful. The best picture how they look live is the second one in this post.

 Comfy at home. Changed my boots for fuzzy socks, that I love. I wear them at home all the time, because I just can't wear slippers. The blue hat on the upper picture is from ZARA.
 I got this sweater from my Grandma for Christmas and it's the perfect length to wear it with leggings. And of course infinity scars are the best in my opinion, you just throw them around the neck and you don't have to worry about them anymore.

I love this lovely light pink rose earrings. They are feminine and adorable.

torek, 28. januar 2014

Snowy days in the city

Ljubljana is so beautiful when it's snowing. Today was the first real snow here this winter and it was amazing. Very cold though but definitely worth the freezing temperatures. So I dressed really warm in the morning, put on a cute pink hat and some warm boots and I was good to go.

I bought this lovely sweater in H&M and I absolutely adore it! I love the sleeves and the cut out neck, and it is super comfortable. This cute grey leggings with a splash of white color are also from H&M, I bought them in fall 2013 and I love them. The beanie is always a great accessory for snowy days like today.

ponedeljek, 27. januar 2014

Pink madness

So I love my new basic black skinny jeans. This is my second pair  of black skinny jeans, but I think they are necessary in every wardrobe and it doesn't hurt if you have a back up. And black jeans really go well with everything. This pair is actually even tighter than the old one, because I bought 1 size smaller than usual. I really wanted them as tight as possible. I bought them in H&M for only about 15 euro. 

 I have wanted combat boots for a while but couldn't find the right ones until I spotted this pair in some store in Netherlands. They are really comfortable and I like them a lot.

So you've seen this watch in one of my previous posts, but I thought it would look well paired with this lucky charm bracelet and some silver rings and I thought right.

nedelja, 26. januar 2014

The best of my sister's closet

Today I sneaked into my sister's closet and borrowed some of her clothes that I like. I adore the Christmas sweater from the first pictures, that she bought in H&M. It is so cute and perfect for winter times. I like the second sweater because of its perfect creamy like color. I love beige and it looks perfect on this particular sweater.

The plaid shirt is my favorite because well, who doesn't like a cute flannel shirt. They are so soft and cosy and they look adorable. What do you think?

sobota, 25. januar 2014

Casual and chick

So I didn't dress so elegant as usual for ballet because it was in basketball hall and dress code there is not as strict as in opera. I am sorry for not wearing any make-up because we were in a hurry before the show. So I look a little bit sick, because I hadn't slept so well today.

A little mix for the weekend

So, my boyfriend loves to buy me watches :). I got this watch from him yesterday and I must say, he has very good taste because I like it a lot. I think a nice watch is a key to a complete outfit.                   

 Silver rings are my favorite. I got the one on my left hand from my mum for my 18th birthday and it is absolutely beautiful. The one on my index finger is from Greece, where my bf bought it for me, and the one on the right hand ring finger is from Idontknowwhere :).
I just had to take a picture of me in this sweater again because I love it. I think it looks really good with black jeans or black leggings. I will be posting another outfit today and it will be a little bit more elegant because I'm going to Swan lake ballet this evening.

četrtek, 23. januar 2014

Back to basics

At last I had time to go shopping :). As usual I was in the mall for hours and as usual I bought only two things. I rarely buy many things at once because I have a really hard time deciding whether I like the piece enough to buy it.

So I'm very excited that I bought this grey sweater, because I wanted a simple grey sweater with a V neck that fits you perfectly for a while. And I finally found it on sale....I can't wish for anything more.
And of course this lovely daisy earphones are just adorable!

So it may not look like on the bottom two pictures, but the sweater is in fact very cute. Btw this wasn't my outfit today but when I came home from shopping I couldn't resist taking some photos in this sweater.

sreda, 22. januar 2014

Adorable accessories

I planned on shopping today, but then I had to attend a dance class for my graduation. It was pretty fun and I think me and my boyfriend did quite well considering we skipped last three classes :). So I couldn't go shopping with my sister and her friends and I also didn't have anyone to take pictures of me. I decided that this post will be mostly about accessories I love and wear this winter.
This grey gloves are so simple but I love them because they are cute and warm and comfy. I was so excited when the temperature fell to fever degrees just so I can wear this gloves and of course my pink beanie that I adore. You can buy it on etsy if anyone wants to know.

My Chanel glasses that I adore. I bought them about three years ago and now I can't imagine my life without them if I exaggerate a little bit.  They are my fav accessory and they make every outfit complete. 
Oh my gorgeous perfumes. Prada, Dior and YSL. Currently I like my Prada Candy the most because it's sweet and smells like candy and well I love candy :) But Miss Dior Cherie and YSL are perfect too. I use YSL for dates and evenings and Dior for more serious elegant events.