četrtek, 27. februar 2014

Here comes the sun

I am so excited about these photos because I think they turned out great! Nika and I went to the center and took the photos near the river Ljubljanica. We had a great time during the photoshoot and laughed pretty hard to some failed photos. 

Don't you just adore this bag! 

                     Nika was wearing: ZARA sweater                 I was wearing: ZARA boots
                             ZARA bag                                                                   H&M sweater
                             H&M necklace                                                            ZARA skirt
                                                                                                                 Bershka coat

                  We hope you guys like this post and tell us what you think :). Have a lovely evening!

nedelja, 23. februar 2014

Winter holidays

The holidays are unfortunately over. I had so much fun during these winter holidays, because I slept at my boyfriend's house for three days and in Wednesday we went to our Weekend house in Kranjska Gora, where the snow is more than one meter high and everything looks perfect. I went skiing with my sister for a day and a day after that we went cross-country skiing. 

So I got this amazing sweater in Austria, where I went shopping for my prom dress. I didn't find the dress, because all of the dresses I tried on were just okey, and okey is not enough for prom night don't you think :). Well I found this sweater in Ann Christine shop for only one euro, can you believe it! I love sales!

torek, 18. februar 2014

Fun in the snow

Yesterday was the second day of winter when everything looked like a fairytale because of the snow. Unfortunately it didn't last very long, because very soon the rain took the snow away and everything looked terrible again...the streets are covered with a mixture of brown snow and rain and if you go out you will probably ruin your shoes for good.  

Anyways I really enjoyed this ''photo shoot'' on the snow, because I think everything looks so pure and perfect when it's snowing. I am wearing my favorite leather boots from Peko, my down jacket is from ZARA and I really love it, it's so warm and looks pretty stylish for a down jacket :). The beanie is from H&M, leggings are from ZARA and I think the striped pink top is from New Yorker. I bought the adorable knitted poncho in Pull&Bear.

I hope you guys like this post :). Have a lovely evening!

sobota, 15. februar 2014

On the pier

Today was a great day. I went to the seaside of Slovenia with my friend Nika to check out some colleges. After that we went to a nice coffee place next to the sea, had a lovely cup of latte or tea and enjoyed the view. We had a chat and decided to that she will join me on my blog, I hope you guys are as happy as I am.

After the coffee we went on a walk on the beach an found this cute little dock that is perfect for beautiful photographs. I am really happy with how the photos turned out...they finally look a bit more professional in my opinion and we also had a lot of fun taking them. 

petek, 14. februar 2014

Flannel and a heart pendant

Lately I've been trying to improve the quality of my photos but they just don't look as professional as I hoped. I guess I need a better camera but they are so expensive. Well I hoped you like the photos anyway :)

I love the flannel plaid shirt I bought in Pull&Bear on men's department, because it is so warm and soft and a little bit oversized. I got the heart necklace on a school party trip this summer. We went to Greece for a week and it was crazy. The bag is also from that trip, where my boyfriend bought it for me :).

I hope you guys all had a lovely Valentine's day!

četrtek, 13. februar 2014

Boots and beanie

Today I wanted to take the pictures outside so I dragged my sister from home and she had to take pictures :). But we had quite a bit of bad luck and by the time we got to the right place it was pretty dark so the point of an outdoor picture is kind of missing. And we didn't have time to take to many pictures because it started raining when we got out and it was raining even more at the end of the photo shoot.

Today I am wearing my favorite tights, my lovely black leather boots from Slovenian store Peko, a simple long sleeved black dress(I think every girl should have one) and my comfy cardigan from Stradivarius.
I bought the bag in H&M and the black dress is also from there. I also wear my pink Chanel beanie, that I adore! 

sreda, 12. februar 2014

Shades of grey

I have dug up this hat and the scarf somewhere deep from the closet and decided to wear it again. I think they look adorable together and I fell in love with this hat all over again. Isn't it lovely?

Of course every girl needs a nice basic sweater and black jeans. I own two pairs of black jeans because they go well with most clothes. And the combat boots are really practical(especially in this weather) and I think they look very cool.

Guess who bought me this watch. It was my cute boyfriend who is obviously crazy for watches, since this is the 5th one he bought for me. But I love him very much :)

torek, 11. februar 2014

Leopard in my step

I am sorry I don't post so often as usual but  I am still a bit sick and I lay at home all day in my sweatpants looking well not my best self. So I dressed up today and took some photos. The outfit is more appropriate for spring rather than the current weather, but I've been dying to try out my new leopard flats.

I've had this white shirt for a very long time and I adore it. It just looks good with every pants or skirt I wear it with. The olive pants are from Hollister and I think they look adorable with this leopard flats from ZARA. Can't wait for spring to wear this outfit outside my house :)

nedelja, 9. februar 2014

My favorite jewelry

 I am feeling a bit sick lately so I decided I would rather post my fav jewelry rather than an outfit. I got the white Swarovski earrings for my 16th birthday and I got the pink one's exactly one year later :).

 I am really bad in nail polishing but I like to have my nails polished. I really like the glitter nail polish, because I think it looks really good over the light pink/nude color of nail polish. It looks very feminine and romantic.

I love this pocket watch/necklace. I bought in London in Camden Town. The lucky charm bracelet is one of my favorite jewelry because I think the charms are really lovely and cute.