nedelja, 27. julij 2014

Crop top & red lipstick

I could hardly wait to post some of the post I prepared on my holidays in Croatia. These photos were shot in a beautiful city of Zadar. It is an old city with amazing architecture and a very unique object called The Sea organ. The waves interact with the organ and create incredible harmonic sounds. If you have the chance, I would definitely recommend to check it out. Now about this look: I ordered this crop top from ebay and could not wait to style it with the high waisted shorts I bought in Topshop. I actually bought the crop top only because of the heart shaped back and it was totally worth it. What do you think about it?
You can find the top HERE. I hope you have awesome holidays. I recommend you to check out our SHOP, we picked items that represent our styles. Follow us on BLOGLOVIN and LOOKBOOK. If you wanna know more about how are we spending our holidays, check our INSTAGRAM.

xoxo Pia

sreda, 23. julij 2014

Lace summer dress

How are you guys these days? I hope you are enjoying as much as I do! I am on a small island in Croatia on a family vacation. All I do is swim, sunbathe,.. with one word; relax.
I took with me this white lace dress with an elegant pearl cahin on the neck. I tought it would be perfect for summer night at the seaside. It is from Ever Pretty web store, wich is amazing.

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Enjoy yurselves!

XX Nika

sreda, 16. julij 2014

Zebra print

How are you enjoying your holidays? I cannot wait to show you all the photos from Croatia and Budapest! And I can finally relax myself, because the results of final exams came a few days ago and I was very happy with how I passed them, so I am in a great mood :).
About this dress, I have to say I do not usually go for a dress with that kind of neckline, but I was convinced by this ones with a bold zebra print. The fabric is very light and perfect for hot summer days.I styled it with a cute hat and an awesome pair of sandals. The dress is from a very nice store I love called EVER PRETTY. You can find this particular dress I am wearing HERE


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I wish you all an amazing holidays, full of fun, sun and shopping! ;)
xoxo Pia

torek, 8. julij 2014

Summer white:part II

Finally, part two of Summer white is here. It's been kind of hard to post lately, because of holidays and bad wifi :). I was in Croatia for ten days and it was awesome, very relaxing and I also managed to get some tan. I also had a lot of photo-shootings for the blog and I can't wait to show you guys the outfits I put together there. Tomorrow I'm off to Budapest with my sister Sara. We are traveling by train and we are super excited. I will be sure to take a lot of photos and hopefully I will be able to show you bits of Budapest in one of the future posts. I hope you all have lovely holidays!

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xoxo Pia