četrtek, 30. oktober 2014

In black

These pictures are from a fun morning photo shoot and I think it is pretty visible I didn't even have my morning cup of coffee.
It was pretty cold for these days, so I could finally wear my fluffy black coat. I decided for a bit darker look, with this Homies shirt, which is a bit oversized, but I think that is the point and it looks good with high waisted pants. I wore it with black sparkling shoes, to add some elegance to the look.

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četrtek, 23. oktober 2014

Dressing up

Halloween is just a few days away now and I just can't wait to dress up and transform into someone else, even if it's just for a one night. I love the dressing up and make up hours with friends before going out. We usually go to some parties where everyone is dressed up and it looks so awesome, like a different dimension. But I don't know yet what I will be for this Halloween this year. But I must say, I love group masks. Last year we were soldiers, and two years ago I was Marilyn Monroe and my friend was Audrey Hepburn. It was all great dressing up and make up, until I came to doing my hair, which was the hardest part. I managed it somehow and it turned out pretty great, but if you are in a short on a time, I recommend you to use one of the wigs which look pretty awesome. I found some wigs on http://shop.wigsbuy.com/ . There is also Elsa's and Anna's from Frozen. I watched Frozen a few times now and I must say it is one of my favorite movies ever. And if you practice a group mask and you want to include a boy, they also have Kristof's wig! Right now I am crazy about frozen, like a little kid, but I can't help myself, it's just an awesome movie, with a meaning.
Here are some pisctures and ideas.



I hope you like the post and that you will find a great halloween mask for yourselves!
You can find many more wigs on http://shop.wigsbuy.com/ .

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sreda, 22. oktober 2014

The blue dress

This dress is my absolute favorite among all my summer dresses. I still remember how excited I was when I first tried it on in a store and knew this was the IT dress for me, absolutely perfect. The fabric is so light and when you walk in it, the dress kind of waves behind you. 
The photos were taken on one of the many beautiful beaches of Netherland. My sister and I did a photo shoot this summer, while visiting our dad, who lives in Rotterdam. The weather cooporated with us, because it was just enough windy to create a soft, wave like movement of the dress. When I look at this summer, I really start to miss the warm and sunny summer. 
xoxo Pia

torek, 14. oktober 2014

Catching the last sunny days

 Last sunday it was so sunny and warm, so I couldn't resist not to wear a skirt from Zara. I just love the pastel details about this skirt. I wore it with the shirt, also from Zara and leather jacket, which gives a bit more edgy look.
Since the last sunday I have been enjoying these last sunny days, and it is almost warmer than it was in summer! But from tomorrow on is just a rainy forecast.. Hopefully we have one week holiday starting in two weeks and I am travelling away, to Russia. I know there will be very cold but I hope I will catch some sun there!

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XX Nika

četrtek, 9. oktober 2014

Beautiful fall

Fall is probably my favorite season of all, at least until the weather is so perfect and you can wear those comfy autumn outfits. I love the warm colors that represent this season and how beautiful tree avenues look like. We shot this look in a big park called Tivoli, which is full of tree-lined lanes. The photographer of these photos is Katja Černe, you can follow her on Instagram HERE, she posts really amazing photos.
 Lately I've been super busy. A few times a week I work for Amnesty International on the streets, which is pretty hard and kind of stressful and later in the afternoons I teach swimming, which is great, because I love working with kids.  On Friday and Saturday I go to University classes. Psychotheraphy is really intresting and I love learning new stuff about it. Anyways I hope you like this post, it is one of my favorites!
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xoxo Pia

petek, 3. oktober 2014


I'm really happy to introduce to you our new collaboration with an amazing online shoe shop called SHOESPIE. Since we are all currently in desperate need for beautiful fall shoes like ankle boots, I will show you my favorite shoes from this brand. I hope you like them!

I absolutely love this chunky ankle boots with heels and I bet they are so comfortable. You can get them HERE

And what do you think about this nude ankle boots with laces. I absolutely adore nude shades for this fall, they go great with everything and I just think this color is super romantic and adorable. You can buy these shoes HERE.

And what do you think about these boots? Every girl should own at least one pair of perfect boots that goes great with jeans or a cute skirt. These perfect lace up boots also come in black and white color and you can get them HERE

And these pairs are my last two picks. The first boots are very chic and great for rainy days. You can get them HERE. And the other pair is just perfect in my opinion. I've been wanting to buy myself a pair like this for a while now. You can find them HERE.

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xoxo Pia