sobota, 25. januar 2014

A little mix for the weekend

So, my boyfriend loves to buy me watches :). I got this watch from him yesterday and I must say, he has very good taste because I like it a lot. I think a nice watch is a key to a complete outfit.                   

 Silver rings are my favorite. I got the one on my left hand from my mum for my 18th birthday and it is absolutely beautiful. The one on my index finger is from Greece, where my bf bought it for me, and the one on the right hand ring finger is from Idontknowwhere :).
I just had to take a picture of me in this sweater again because I love it. I think it looks really good with black jeans or black leggings. I will be posting another outfit today and it will be a little bit more elegant because I'm going to Swan lake ballet this evening.

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