torek, 14. januar 2014

Snuggly cardigan

So today I spent about two hours trying to make a decent photo and I'm still not exactly satisfied with the outcome. Well what can I say, I'm not really photogenic unfortunately. I don't know how some people have such an amazing photos. As if they were shot by a professional. Maybe I need a better camera? I really don't know.
Anyway, I bought this light blue jeans in Hollister in Sweden I think. I absolutely love all pants and jeans that I try on in Hollister because they fit me like a glove and my legs look ten times better in Hollister bottoms than from any other store. This knitted cardigan is my favorite piece of clothing that I bought recently in Stradivarius. It is so cute and comfy!
And of course Uggs are like the comfiest shoes in the world. I've had this pair for three years and I would like to buy another pair next year. I think I will go with light pink color this time.

 So I also think this outfit goes well with a pair of boots. This particular ones are from Geox and they have quite a high heel but they are so comfortable you can walk great in them.
Have a lovely day :)

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