torek, 21. januar 2014

Just a hint of gold

I love this golden spiked bracelet. I think it looks very cute and I like to match it with a golden ring. I think this jewelry is simple, elegant and cute at the same time.

Today I wore a little black dress with long sleeves to school. I paired it with a knitted poncho to achieve a more casual look. 

I must say that I adore this leg warmers combined with tights. But unfortunately I have to wear boots for school(and you can't see leg warmers under the boots) because it's getting a little bit colder here in Slovenia. I hope we get some snow soon!:)

6 komentarjev:

  1. Beautiful outfit so great for school! Love your blog!

    OceanWind Blog

    1. Thanky you so much :) This means a lot to me!
      I checked out your blog and you have great photos and great style!!

  2. Your dress/poncho outfit is just perfect ! (: