petek, 17. januar 2014

Stars and olive pants

Finally Friday is here! I have been looking forward to this day since Tuesday when I started to study for a math test I had today. So I had an average of 5-6 hours of sleep for the last few days and I'm exhausted. Beside the test I have been very busy today. I learned to play baseball(kind of ;)), went shopping with my sister for her first glasses (we found a really nice pair of glasses that fits her perfectly, they look a bit hipster but not too much :)). After that I had to buy groceries for a whole week because my mum is sick and she couldn't do it. And in the evening I had a movie date with my boyfriend.
Other than that I was walking around all day in heels and that didn't exactly helped with my weariness. At least my legs looked all long and slim. :)

So in case you are wondering. These olive pants are from Hollister, Rotterdam. I bought them 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love them. They are soft, comfy and fit perfectly. The sweater is from H&M and I think it's quite cute.
 And now a very much needed 11 hour sleep. Good night everyone :)

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